What Should I Consider Before Installing a Skylight?

What Should I Consider Before Installing a Skylight?

Are you thinking about installing a skylight? There are some things you need to figure out in advance. We’ve listed the things you need to think about. Placing a skylight is not a complicated job, as long as you are well prepared and precise. In the end, it will cost you a lot of money if the skylight is placed incorrectly or perhaps even without permission. That’s why you should call in a professional or get good advice.

Applying For a Permit

It is very important to find out in advance whether you need a permit to install a skylight. In most cases, you do not need a permit if it concerns a skylight at the back of your house. If you want to install a skylight at the front of your house, in some cases you will need a permit. Are you in doubt? Always check with the city council, even if you think that it might not be necessary. Because removing a skylight that you have just installed will cost you a lot of money.

Selecting The Right Skylight

It is important to make the right choice regarding the type of skylight. There are differences in size, model, material, ventilation system and of course guarantee and price. Ventilation, for example, is much better for your health and also helps to prevent mold in the house.

A skylight can also have a noise-reducing function. For example, do you live on a busy road or do you suffer a lot from train or air traffic? If so, a noise-reducing skylight would be a nice addition.

Check The Beam Construction

When you install a skylight you need to know in advance not only how big the window is but also what the beam construction of your roof looks like. Every roof consists of a construction with both horizontal and vertical beams. If the skylight is small enough to fit inside these beams, you are lucky and don’t have to change the construction. If this is not the case, you will have to adjust the construction (or have it adjusted by a professional).

Saw a Hole In The Roof

In most cases you have to deal with roof tiles lying on the outside of the roof. These have to be removed at the place where the window is placed, but never climb up the roof yourself. This can be very dangerous because of loose roof tiles.

That is why you should always make a workman’s hole. This is a hole of about 50×50 cm that is meant to easily remove the roof tiles from the inside out. In this way, you can easily reach the roof tiles and have a stable surface. Of course, it can still happen that a roof tile falls down unintentionally, so inform bystanders who pass by.

Keep An Eye On The Weather Forecasts

No matter how you turn it around, your roof will always be open for a certain amount of time. So rainfall is not really handy when you are going to install the skylight. Luckily, installing a skylight nowadays can be done within a few hours! So there’s no need to wait for the right season, even when it is winter you can easily install a skylight, as long as it doesn’t snow or rain.