Group Of Friends Replace Engine Oil With WD-40 And See Unexpected Results

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WD-40: perhaps the most well-known and versatile product you have in your home, garage, or car. Cleaning stainless steel, bathroom tiles, leather furniture, and stopping a (garage) door from squeaking: are just a few of the things you can do with this lubricant. It’s one thing to use WD-40 for these things, but there are a few people who like to take things to uncharted territory. Often, this is done out of a healthy dose of curiosity, but sometimes “great” ideas come from a good mood among friends. Unfortunately, this can also lead to dangerous outcomes and lessons learned. This also happened to a group of friends who had the brilliant idea to test if WD-40 would also work as engine oil. What exactly happened? Continue reading on the next page and find out!