Time for the Big Spring Cleaning? These 9 Tips Will Help You

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Time for the Big Spring Cleaning? These 9 Tips Will Help You

It’s almost time to open all the windows and doors again, wash comforters & down pillows and hang them out to dry in the lovely spring sunshine. Are you already panicking after reading these 2 sentences? Don’t! I’ve 9 cleaning tips that will get this job done in no time.

Cleaning Toys

As long as the toys don’t have batteries or electrical capabilities, you can just put them in the dishwasher or washing machine to give them a vigorous wash. That way they will get clean fast and good, without you having to wash all the toys one by one. Of course, they must be made of plastic.

Cleaning the Lampshade

Do you have lampshades in your home and is there now quite a layer of dust on them? Get or buy a lint roller and go over the shade with it. Before you know it, the shade is as good as new.

Cleaning the Garden Tiles or Decking

Have the tiles or the wooden decking become very green because of the deposits? You can of course use a pressure washer, but what if you don’t have one? Fill a bucket with water, add a scoop of washing powder and use it to get the tiles or decking as clean as possible again.

Cleaning the (Bathroom) Mirror

Does it always bother you that the mirror in your bathroom fogs up when you are taking a bath or shower? The solution is simple: take a good blob of shaving cream, smear it on the mirror and wipe it clean. 

Cleaning the Mattress

If you think to yourself how often you clean your mattress, it will most likely be no more than a handful. That’s not a bad thing, but it’s high time you started. We spend about 6 to 9 hours a day on an mattress and it absorbs all of our bodily fluids, so this is quite a bacteria source.

How to clean it easily? The answer is: baking soda. Pour the salt into a sieve, sprinkle it over the mattress and leave it for 1 to 8 hours so the salt can absorb all the bacteria and then go over it with the vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning the Stainless Steel Appliances

Make your stainless steel equipment look shiny again by rubbing it with olive oil and then wiping it off with a clean towel.

Cleaning the Washing Machine

You would think that your washing machine would get cleaner with every wash, but unfortunately nothing is further from the truth. It will only get really clean if you once in a while turn it on empty at 60 degrees Celsius with a laundry pod in the tray where normally the detergent goes in. You can also put it in the drum, but if it does not dissolve completely, the drum is still not clean properly.

Cleaning the Faucets

Have the washbasin taps become completely dull due to lime? No problem. Pour a little vinegar on a dishcloth and go over the taps. Before you know it, they will shine again!

Remove Pet Hair

Everyone loves their pet, but those hairs. Especially in spring, it is a drama, because then it will shed its winter coat. Everywhere you look you see hair, even after vacuuming. When you want to wipe them off the couch, half of them are still there! Fortunately, I have found the solution:

While vacuuming, open the front, middle and back door(s), so that it can ventilate and the hairs disappear outside. Put on rubber gloves so you can easily wipe the hairs from the furniture.