Sudocrem Is Not Only for Newborns: Unexpected Purposes You Can Use Sudocrem For

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An Age Old Remedy With Many Benefits

Sudocrem is an age-old remedy, which has been used worldwide for over 80 years. It originated in Ireland where an Irish pharmacist developed it. It is best known for treating nappy rash affecting newborns. However, there is more you can use Sudocrem for! 

Sudocrem has many benefits when it comes to wellknown skin problems but also as an ordinary household product. The most wellknown way to use Sudocrem, besides nappy rash, is for dry skin.

Dry skin
Two of the ingredients in Sudocrem are effective moisturisers. These are zinc oxide and hypoallergenic lanolin. These ingredients maintain moisture levels in your skin and provide a protective layer. This is especially ideal when it is cold outside. Read on the following pages more unexpected tips on where you can use Sudocrem for.