The Way You Sit Reveals a Lot About Your Personality

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There are lots of things we do without thinking about it, think of our sitting positions. This is something we all do on autopilot. Tell me: do you think about or how you are going to sit down every time you want to sit down? Of course not! Although we do this on auto-pilot, these things tell a lot about our state of mind and personality. Our body language shows more than – most of us – really want to say.

Check Your Own Sitting Position

Our sitting position says a lot about how we are as individuals. So before you continue, it is important to know your sitting position. Check how you are sitting right now. Chances are, this is the way you prefer to sit. Did you check it and are you sure this is correct? Make sure to check how you position your feet, arms, and hands as well because how you position these body parts when you sit also says a lot about your personality. Ready? Great! Read on quickly…