5 Signs That May Show You’re Dehydrated and Need to Drink More

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Signs That May Indicate Dehydration

Drinking water and staying hydrated is key to let our body function optimally. However, sometimes we forget to drink enough during the day. This could be because of busy working days, or simply because you don’t pay enough attention to it.

Can you relate to this or are you wondering how you can know that you’re not drinking enough? Read on to find some signs that may indicate that you’re dehydrated.


When you have had a busy day, you may have felt a headache, or slight dizziness. Wonder where that comes from? This may be due to dehydration. Not getting enough water throughout the day builds up the pressure and can cause headaches, which can even trigger migraines.

The trick is to keep a bottle of water or any other liquid drink that you prefer on your desk or nearby, so you can keep sipping that throughout the day.

Dry Skin

When you ask: “how to get clearer skin?”, the answer you usually get is to drink more water. This is not only to stay hydrated, but it also helps your skin to stay hydrated and clear. Of course, a lot more factors play a role in clearer skin, but it helps you to avoid that dry and crispy skin. Time to start drink more water!

Bad Breath

Maybe this is something familiar: having a bad breath after not having drunk enough throughout the day. This can happen, because dehydration may lead to not enough production of the saliva in the mouth. Saliva contains antibacterial elements that prevents us from having a bad breath.

So, dehydration leads to an excess of bacteria in your mouth, that leads to a bad breath. Weird, isn’t it?

Muscle Cramps

Ever experienced random muscle cramps or during exercising? Then this may also be an indication of dehydration. This is more likely to happen when the weather is hot or when your body heats up.

In order to get rid of this, you could drink either water or a sports drink that contains electrolytes. Why electrolytes? These help to balance the levels of, for example, sodium and potassium, which could lessen the muscle cramps.

Color of Urine

Urine? Yes, urine. It may be funny to check it once, and you’ll notice that if you’ve had enough to drink on a day, your urine will be mostly clear with a slight hint of yellow. If you haven’t had enough to drink, then your urine may be darker yellow or even orange. In some cases, this might be alarming so do contact a professional if necessary.