8 Possible Reasons Why Your Period Is Off

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8 Possible Reasons Why Your Period Is Off

Every woman occasionally suffers from cycle disorders, which cause your period to be late. These disturbances can often not be explained, because there is often nothing to see or change in the functioning of the reproductive system. Usually, it has to do with some external factors. And these factors you should definitely read and not forget.

Change In Weight

Adipose tissue has a direct effect on the hormone that causes you to ovulate and have a normal menstrual cycle. When you have too much or too little fat tissue, the level of estrogen changes and causes a delay in menstruation.


Usually a “late” period is associated with stress. In most cases, this is temporary and can last from a week to a month. Stress, for example, can be caused by family relationships, high workloads, emotional shocks and tragic events.

Strict Diet

Refusing some food products, which is often the case with strict diets, can lead to hormonal imbalance. This in turn causes menstrual irregularities.

Changes in Sleep Patterns

Chronic lack of sleep with a lot of stress can also be a reason why your period is off.

Long Distance Travel

Traveling through multiple time zones also affects your menstrual cycle. This is because your biological rhythm is no longer in sync with the correct time. This has a direct effect on making and distributing a number of hormones, which can cause your period to be somewhat delayed.


Working hard without taking rest is one of the most common reasons for a delay in menstruation. Especially if you experience a lot of stress with this, undergo significant weight changes and/or sleep poorly.

Excessive Exercise

Exhaustive physical activity, or too much exercise, can cause disturbances in hormonal balance, which therefore causes the menstrual cycle to deviate.

Hormonal Anticonception

An experienced specialist can choose a contraceptive based on your needs, minimizing the risk of side effects, including delay in menstruation.

Do these reasons not apply to you and your period still stays off? Then make an appointment with your family doctor!