Couple Takes Their Pup Back to the Animal Shelter With a Daring Request

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Say Hello to Christina & Vincent

Christina and her fiancé Vincent decided early on that their ideal family would be a dad, a mom, and two sweet children with a small age difference so that the children would be able to grow up and play together. As many people *read parents* know, starting a family is not something you ‘just’ do. Having children and raising them is hard, but satisfying work.

Most parents want to be 100% sure that they’re ready. Christina and Vincent felt the same way and reached the conclusion that they weren’t ready for this yet, but they did want to take the next step. Where should they start? The ‘next’ step for Christina and Vincent was adopting a puppy from the animal shelter, but both didn’t expect that they would soon return after adopting. What happened? You’ll find out on the next page.