Make Your Porch Cosy With These Tips

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Make Your Porch a Cozy Place

When the weather is nice, we want to enjoy being outside and warmth as long as possible. However, it is sometimes difficult to make your porch a cosy place. Fortunately, making this place enjoyable is a piece of cake. You do not need a lot of space to create the right ambience: even with a small exterior, it should be possible to create a nice relaxing spot. It even doesn’t have to cost too much money! Here we share the best ideas for making your veranda a cosy place without spending too much money, so you can enjoy the warm weather to the fullest. 

Look at the Size and Purpose

How big is your porch exactly and what do you want to do with it? A place to rest or a cosy spot requires a different approach. The size does not have to determine what you can do with it, but it does require a lot of insight. If you have a smaller porch, then it is advisable to choose a smaller hammock or corner furniture, for example. With a larger veranda, you can place a complete lounge set. As long as you take into account what kind of place you want to realize, you can go in any direction. 


Perhaps you would like to be able to enjoy your veranda when it is dark? Then lighting is essential. Besides the fact that you can use candles and candlesticks, you can also choose a larger light source, such as a lamp. For a covered veranda, you can choose hanging lanterns for example, which you can find in various shops. A big advantage is that these lamps can withstand different weather conditions. 

Outdoor Rug and Tiles

An easy and quick way to restyle your veranda is to look at the floor. Is the floor monotonous? You can choose to tile it with printed tiles and / or lay a large rug on the floor. This is not only nice and warm to your feet, but also determines the cosiness of your veranda. We recommend that you choose an outdoor rug, as these are more suited to suit different weather conditions. 

Blankets, Cushions and Other Accessories

A simple and low-cost option to decorate your porch is by adding blankets and cushions. They not only ensure that you can sit comfortably, but also provide a nice look. A big disadvantage, however, is that these often have to be brought inside, as the rain does not make these accessories look any better. 

You can also choose other accessories such as plants, candles, and mirrors or (outdoor) paintings on the wall. The advantage is that these can remain outside, even when it starts to rain in the evening. You will see that you can brighten up your porch a lot by using small accessories. 


Furniture, too, is very important for your porch and doesn’t have to be too expensive! A pallet, for example, works perfectly as a (low) table or even as a bench. Would you prefer a more luxurious bench or garden set? Many garden centres also offer these. The possibilities are endless.