Top 9 Password Managers You Need To Discover

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Password managers are software programs that remember passwords for you, along with the email address or any other user identifier you use for each account. Allowing you to use strong passwords, they make it easier to use passwords that are random, long, and unique enough for each of your accounts. It is important that you choose a password manager that is well secured and not easily hackable. In fact, certain password managers make it easier for you to lose all your passwords at once, or for attackers to steal all your passwords in the blink of an eye. For this reason, we have researched which password managers are the best to use so that you can go online anytime and anywhere, feeling safe and secure. Different password managers have different features. In this article, we dive deeper into what features the password managers have and why they may or may not be right for you. 


Keeper may be one of the best password managers for businesses. It is rated one of the safest on the market, since it has one of the most advanced encryption methods available. (Similar to those of banks and government institutions.) For each user, keeper costs $45 per year with unlimited device access, activity reporting, team management and a full password and file history. 

Bit Warden

Bit Warden is a free password manager which offers unlimited passwords and a secure password generator. The open source password manager includes syncing across devices, two-factor authentication, and offline password storage. It is a perfectly secure password manager – so be safe and secure without you having to pay.

Last Pass

Last Pass is, overall, a great password manager allowing most users to get everything they need without having to pay. It is easy to use and the free version is extensive. Lastpass is a real veteran among cybersecurity tools since it launched in 2008. It allows online access to your vault and supports most platforms and browsers. The premium accounts are low priced and offer the ability to log into apps on your phone as well.


Dashlane offers a free password, payments, personal details manager wherever you need them, on any device. Everything you store is encrypted so that everything in your account will remain safe even if Dashlane is hacked. The premium version offers even more useful features (more than any other password manager) which makes the plan one of the most expensive options around. That being said, it does justify the costs. 

1 Password

1 Password is an easy to use and secure password manager. It allows you to access your accounts and services with one master password and is available for almost all major device platforms. The password manager is not only affordable, it is also a trusted manager app to keep your login information secure, private and orderly. 


This is the best cross-platform option since it allows users to access their passwords and log in on just any browser, computer or mobile device. It also offers encrypted storage and is remarkably easy to use. This platform has more features than most password managers. For example, you can get a customizable dashboard, photo logins, scheduled logins and many more.  


This password manager is probably the best for new users, since it is fun and easy to use. Remembear is a fun password manager to use, since its interface is amusingly bear-themed. It makes managing passwords less stressful, complicated and more fun. The costs however, are slightly higher than other password managers. So that is something you should keep in mind. 

Sticky Password

Sticky Password is a basic password manager with some truly amazing features – including local data storage and a portable USB version of the program. Sticky Password has a free version that contains unlimited passwords on 1 device. The paid, premium version, not only has more options, the platform also donates a part of the profits from each license to a conservation fund. It is also possible to purchase a lifetime subscription. 


Are you looking for a basic password manager? Then Enpass is a very decent password manager. All the basics are there, except Enpass doesn’t store user data in the cloud. Unlike the other password managers, this one offers local data storage only. Enpass can also come with extras such as a portable USB version and smartwatch compatibility.