3 Easy Steps to Start Organizing Your Make-Up Collection

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Easy Steps to Start Organizing Your Make-Up Collection

It is quite common to keep buying make-up and then forgetting that you have some items, only to buy some more products. At the end, you keep staring at your messy collection and can’t even find the make-up that you need. Perhaps even forget some of the products that you own. Sort of like a vicious circle, right?

This is when you know that you have to start organizing your make-up collection. Not sure where to start? Below you can find some core tips to begin with it.

Usable Products

First things first, what products do you really use and really need? Go through every make-up product that you have in your collection and throw out the ones that you don’t need. What’s the point of keeping items that only take up space in your room? Besides, this will make it easier for you to organize your make-up collection.

Expiration Date

Now that you have gotten rid of the products that you don’t need and aren’t going to use, you can have a look at the expiration date. The key is to keep the following in mind: eye products shouldn’t be used after 3 to 6 months; lip products after 12 months and facial products after about 18 months.

Have they been opened before and left unused for months? Then it might be better to throw the product or pallets away as they can cause some irritation on your skin.

Another tip is to write down when you’ve opened the product to keep up with the expiration date. If you forget about the product and when it expires, the little note could be helpful for when you do decide to use it again.

Storage Space

Another important factor with storing your product is the location where you keep it. It is usually advised to store make-up in a dark spot where the sunlight can’t hit, as that could melt your products. This not only ruins the product, but it could also change the consistency, which is a waste of money.

Another tip is to keep the lids and caps closed tightly as that could ruin the products even further. So, make sure to store your make-up in an organizer stored in a closet, or whatever piece of furniture you use, where the sun can’t reach.