She Throws Mouthwash In Her Toilet, The Reason Will Surprise You


Get more out of your mouthwash! You may not realize this, but mouthwash is useful for a good number of odd jobs around the house, and it also leaves a wonderful scent. Mouthwash is not only meant to keep your mouth clean and fresh. We have listed the most surprising tricks with mouthwash for you! And believe us, you will be surprised …

1. Clean your computer screen (NOT for LCD screens!)
Moisten a white tissue with a little mouthwash with a mint flavor, with this you can easily remove stains and dust from the screen.

As a screen cleaner, mouthwash is a bargain! Based on an average price of just 2 euros per bottle, it costs less than a cent to clean your computer screen, because you can use it for a very long time. Just an important note – this trick works best on glass screens and is not recommended for computer screens that use an LCD.

Want to know how to use this magic stuff in the bathroom and other places in your house? You’ll read it on the next page.