Home Cheats: 9 Cleaning Hacks to Remove Limescale

Get Rid of Limescale With These 9 Handy Tips

Every country has areas with either hard water or soft water. The difference between the two is that soft water mainly contains sodium, whereas hard water contains a considerable amount of dissolved minerals, such as magnesium and calcium. Many people prefer to drink hard water because it contains essential minerals and because soft water has a salty taste. If you live in an area with hard water, you probably know how difficult it can be to remove limescale: the white, crusty layer you see around taps, bathtubs, in toilets, on appliances, etc.

This layer is due to the deposits of alkaline minerals left by hard water. Over time, limescale builds up and leaves unsightly stains. If this isn’t removed as quickly as possible, limescale deposits can cause the chrome to peel off from taps and cause small appliances, such as coffee makers and kettles to become less efficient. So, here are 9 cleaning tips to help you remove limescale in your home.