Do You Regularly Lie Awake at Night? This Might Be the Cause!

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If you regularly lie awake at night and usually blame the last cup of coffee (which you drank in the evening), it is time to find out the real reason. According to Ancient Chinese Medicine, it’s all about the energy in your body. They say that if you get up at night at a certain time, it could be because of the meridians in your body. This is because these meridians are linked to your ‘biological’ clock. Are you curious about the times and causes? If you wake up at different times, this is because the ‘energies’ are blocked and cannot reach certain parts of the body.

21:00 tot 23:00

If you often lie awake between these times, it is due to stress and worry. The stress and anxiety makes you feel unsafe and unable to fall asleep. So make sure you calm down by taking a hot shower or meditating.

23:00 tot 01:00

Between these times, your gallbladder meridian is active, so if you lie awake often at this time, chances are you are emotionally disappointed. You are probably being too hard on yourself and have not forgiven yourself yet. Start with this and accept who you are. When you have gone through this process, you will sleep well from now on.

01:00 tot 03:00

This energy meridian is linked to the liver and indicates anger and the yang energy. Chances are you suffer from anger, malice, fear and guilt if you often lie awake at this time. Try to put yourself in the place of these emotions and process them, eat cool food and give yourself compliments and positivity.

03:00 tot 05:00

Do you often lie awake during this time? Then it is because the lung meridian is blocked and so you do not get energy. It means you cannot relax. So make sure you breathe deeply, so you can fall asleep quietly and your body becomes calm.

05:00 tot 07:00

Between these times, your colon meridian is active. The large intestine is responsible for cleansing the digestive system. Is this meridian blocked? Then chances are you are emotionally blocked or restricted in your life, or you are carrying a heavy emotional burden. Try to be as relaxed as possible, calm down and let go of the pressure so that the body can be cleansed of toxins and negative energy.