Creating An Animal-Friendly Home: This is How You Do It

This is How You Create The Perfect Place For Your Pet

If you have a pet or are planning on getting a pet, it is important that the animal feels comfortable. Every animal is different and has different needs, but in a broad sense, there are ways to make your home as animal-friendly as possible! The tips below show what you can do to turn your home into one that is also comfortable for your cute pet.

Meal at the same time

When making your home animal-friendly, it also means that it is helpful to consider eating habits. By creating regularity in feeding your animal, you can allow tranquility and habit to set in. Of course, keep in mind that you are giving your animals the right food!

Giving Them A Place For Themselves

A place of their own for your pet is essential. A place where they can retreat and sleep undisturbed. Whether this is a basket or a cage, a same place creates habituation. Therefore, make sure that this is and remains the place for your pet, so they can settle in.

Buy Toys For Your Pet

Look at what your pet needs. Does your pet likes to play with a ball? Make sure you buy something that suits your pet. You can also choose to alternate regularly. This not only keeps it fun for yourself, but also keeps your pet occupied in different ways.

Look for Natural Behaviors and Accommodate to That

Cats, for example, are prone to scratching, but it’s understandable that you don’t want that on your new sofa. Therefore, look carefully at the needs of your animal: a cat needs to scratch its nails from time to time. In that case, choose to have a scratching mat or scratching post in your home.

Cleaning Agents and Other Toxic Products

Always make sure that cleaning products and other toxic products ( also think of certain houseplants) are kept out of reach of your pet. If your pet consumes these products, they can become very ill. Therefore, store the products well, preferably high up or in cabinets. This also applies to medication, soap and sharp objects in your home.

Loose Parts

Young animals often love to play and especially with things that are loose throughout your home. This also applies, for example, to (loose) electrical wiring. Not only can this destroy your appliances, but if there is electricity, your pet can be injured. So avoid unnecessary injuries, and be extra alert for loose, breakable objects.