The Reasons Why Walking Is Great for Your Body

The Reasons Why Walking Is Great for Your Body

Most people go for a walk several times a week. But did you know that it is very healthy to walk at least 20 minutes every day? Not only for your condition, but also for your brain! Especially in the days when we mostly work at home, can’t exercise much and don’t do our daily things anymore, it is important to see the benefits of walking.

Walking Improves Your Condition

According to most health institutes, it is important to exercise intensively for at least 20 minutes a day, and 30 minutes is even better. Walking very slowly will not improve your condition, because you will not use your heart and lungs enough. However, if you walk at a brisk pace where your heart rate increases and you breathe faster, you will train your condition. Ultimately, this strengthens your heart and has a positive effect on your blood pressure and blood vessels. This reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Walking also trains your lung capacity to properly absorb and transport oxygen through your heart and blood vessels.

Walking Is Good for Your Bones

When you walk, you use your muscles, bones and cartilage. Your bones are made up of cells that are constantly being broken down and made new. If too few new bone cells are produced, the bone becomes weaker and osteoporosis sets in. The unpleasant thing is that you only notice this when you break something after a fall. By exercising sufficiently, you can slow down the process of osteoporosis.

Walking Strengthens Your Muscles

While walking, you use muscles, especially your leg muscles. If you don’t use your muscles much, they will weaken over time. Walking keeps your muscles strong. This also applies to your heart, as it is also a muscle. You can give your leg muscles an extra workout by walking uphill, for example.

Hiking Can Prevent Obesity

Walking is a good way to maintain or lose weight. Hiking can be maintained for a relatively long period of time (compared to running, for example) and it allows you to use a lot of energy. In addition, you burn a relatively large amount of fat while walking. Of course, in order to lose weight from hiking you must also take your energy intake into account. Hiking has the advantage that it is not prone to injury. Intensive exercise is not feasible or wise for everyone who is overweight.

Hiking Is Good for Your Mind

Besides being good for your body, walking is also good for your mind. It provides relaxation and that in turn has positive effects on your body. Relaxation and, for example, a better night’s sleep make you feel better physically as well.