Great Ways to Upgrade Your Home Office

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An efficient workspace in your home is crucial to ensure that you can do your job in a pleasant way. A beautiful and right design is incredibly important to make your workspace a joyable place to work in and stand out from every other room in your home. Upgrade your home office to a whole new level with the inspiring tips we discuss in this article.

I can hear you thinking: what is the importance of a good working space? The answer is quite simple:
You’ll be able to better separate work tasks from your personal life if you have a dedicated office space. It’s easy to overwork yourself when working from your living room couch or bedroom, because there’s no mental divide between work and personal activities. Luckily, there are a few thing you can do in order to separate this!

Improve Lighting 

With the right lighting, you can easily ensure that you improve your concentration or creativity. However, the type of light must be carefully considered. Often the light in your home is not adequate to meet these requirements. It is therefore wise to choose a light source that can be adjusted to different colors. Warm colors often increase creativity and the cooler colors provide increased concentration. 


As simple as it may sound, plants are great to alleviate stress and to improve productivity. with just one plant in your workspace, you can already achieve this effect. Don’t have a green thumb, but like the look of a plant? Then choose a fake plant, it still gives the appearance of a green work environment and can contribute to creating tranquility in your workplace.

A Good Chair

Sitting comfortably is not only pleasant, it is also very important. Back pain is unfortunately a common problem for many (home) workers. Therefore, adjust your chair height so that your feet are flat on the floor and make sure that your back is well supported. Nothing is more annoying than a chair that is not comfortable, so invest in a good chair!

Use Room Dividers

Don’t have enough rooms in your home to make a separate workstation? Then choose a room divider. It is a great way to disconnect, without making permanent or structural changes. Room dividers come in all shapes and sizes and when foldable, they are easy to store as well. Basically a win-win situation!

Other Things To Consider

Working for home is not all about the looks of you room. Working habits and structure is also very important. When the job allows it, one of the best advantages of remote work is flexibility. To accommodate someone else’s time zone, you may need to extend your day or start early. If you do, make sure to finish work earlier than normal or sleep in a little the next morning to compensate. Automatic time-tracking tools, such as RescueTime, allow you to check in on whether you’re on track. They can also assist you figure out when you’re most productive and when you’re most unproductive.

When it comes to getting yourself out of bed each day, a routine can be more effective than a clock. What do you have in your morning ritual that you’re about to start working? It could be making a cup of coffee before getting started on your to-do list. It could be getting dressed or returning home after a workout. Look for an established routine to use as your signal, such as brushing your teeth or returning from a dog walk. That way, you’ll be able to incorporate the new habit of starting your workday with a smile.

Allow yourself enough time during the day to get away from your computer and phone. For full-time employees in the United States, a lunch hour and two 15-minute breaks appear to be the norm. When working at a computer or doing other activities, it’s crucial to get up and walk every hour or so to keep your blood flowing. Moving your eyes away from the screen on a frequent basis, even if it’s only for 10-20 seconds.

In conclusion, if you want the best place to work from your home, it is wise not only to change the look of the room but also to take a look at your habits. It has been proven that your efficiency will increase in the right environment, with the right rituals.