6 Plants That Make Your Garden Smell Wonderful

6 Plants That Make Your Garden Smell Wonderful

When you plant plants – especially flowers – in the garden, the scent they produce is important. Naturally, you do not want your garden to emit the type of smell that would make you want to avoid the place. I have found six plants for you that produce a wonderful scent.


This plant likes sunlight and high humidity, so plant it in a good spot. Jasmine is a climbing plant, so make sure you grow it against something. Bonus: you do not have to wait until spring to plant Jasmine, it is an evergreen plant!


Both indoors and outdoors, this plant is a great addition if you want it to smell nice. It is easy to maintain and also helps keep mosquitoes at bay!


This orchid is beautiful, easy to maintain and has a wonderful smell. In other words, this is a must-have plant!


This fragrant plant smells wonderful but needs a lot of attention and maintenance. So, if you have just started out gardening, we recommend opting for number two or three at first unless you like a challenge, of course!


The maintenance of this plant will not be easy, but if you want your garden to smell wonderful and look beautiful, you have to put the effort in. You can still get the plant now, but make sure it gets enough afternoon sun and placed in well-drained soil.


This is also a climbing plant, so put this amazingly fragrant plant in a place where it has free range to climb, such as a trellis or a wall.