4 Surprising Facts About Your Body

4 Surprising Facts About Your Body

We already know a lot about our bodies and how best to look after them. But I am sure there are many facts that you definitely do not know yet. I have found some fun facts about our bodies that are sure to surprise you!

The Mystery of the Skin

The skin is a very remarkable and important part of your body. And even though you don’t realise it, we shed dead skin cells throughout our lives. Do you know how many dead skin cells we shed throughout our lives? On average, more than about fifteen kilos! Don’t think of this as dirty, however, but remember that this is a special process that protects our health. By shedding old skin and generating new cells, we can maintain our healthy and radiant skin for years to come.

Wrinkles in Your Fingers

You know the situation: you’re taking a bath or washing the dishes. Then it can happen that your fingers start to wrinkle. If you stay in the bath or swimming pool for a long time, you will notice that the skin of your fingers and even your feet will take on this strange, wrinkled texture. We inherited this characteristic from our ancestors. When they used to work in the fields, they had wrinkled skin on their fingertips. This provided a better grip for picking seeds and plants in a humid environment.

The Strange Characteristics of a Tongue

Did you know that every person has a unique tongue? No two tongues are the same. The average length of a tongue is about ten centimetres, but its shape, grooves and lines are as unique as fingerprints. Do you know what is even more special about the tongue? At birth each individual has millions of taste buds, which we, however, lose over time. Tastes that you knew from your early childhood may have completely disappeared by now.

Bones of Human Beings

I didn’t know this myself yet, but did you know that babies are born with around 300 bones? Over time, many of these bones grow together and about 206 remain in your body when you reach adulthood. Another surprising fact about babies is that almost every baby is calmed by the sound of a beating heart. It is the sound that accompanied them for nine months in the womb during every stage of development.