Pay Attention! 15 Dog Breeds No Insurance Company Wants to Cover

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Most people know exactly what they want in life. First, having a successful career, living in a great house with the perfect partner and in the future maybe some cute kids. However, before you start having children, you want to know whether you are ready to take on this great responsibility. How? By getting a dog obviously! Or maybe you just want a (new) companion to share your adventures with. Well, a dog really is a humans best friend and it will walk through fire for its owner. But before getting a dog, there are some things you should consider, because did you know that some home insurance companies won’t cover your house if you’ve got a particular kind of dog breed? Wondering if your favorite dog breed could cause you to face a liability claim or lawsuit? Continue reading on the next page. Pay close attention to #8, who would have thought that insurance companies would ban such a small and cute dog!