6 Unknown Uses for Dishwasher Tablets

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One of the most annoying household chores is washing the dishes. That is why most of us have a dishwasher. The only thing you have to do is load it with dirty dishes, turn it on and once its done, just unload it. Such a great invention. Oh, and don’t forget to use a dishwasher tablet. But did you know you can use those tabs for other household chores as well?

In fact, it is almost a sin to not use dishwasher tablets in other ways after reading this article. Why? Because it makes a lot of dirty and annoying household chores less bad.

Frying pan

Cleaning the frying pan is one of those household chores that almost everybody dislikes because it a dirty and annoying chore – but if you use a dishwasher tab, it’ll become one of the easiest chores ever. This is what you need to do:

  • Empty the frying pan and fill it for 75% with water;
  • Add one dishwasher tab;
  • Hang the frying basket back in the pan;
  • Turn it on to max 90 degrees Celsius or 194 degrees Fahrenheit;
  • Leave it like this for 10 minutes;
  • Turn it off;
  • Empty the frying pan;
  • Rinse the pan with hot water.

Et voila the frying pan is clean and ready to go for another round of fries and other snacks. Continue reading on the next page for more tips.