12 Surprising Ways to Use Coke in Your Household

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Just Pour a Can of Coke in the Clogged Toilet, Let It Soak Overnight and Voila

Imagine going to the bathroom and seeing that your toilet is overflowing, because the toilet is clogged. Of course, you can call the plumber right away, but in the evening, at night and during the weekend their services are very expensive, or you’ll have to wait a long time because they don’t have time for you. Then you have to figure it out yourself.

Are you not getting anywhere with the plunger? Then get the coke out of the refrigerator. Pour about 500 or 600 ml into the toilet, leave it overnight, and when you wake up the next morning and flush the toilet, everything should work fine. Furthermore, you can also clean your toilet with cola. Pour a can in and on the toilet, leave it for an hour, scrub well, flush and the toilet will look fresh again.

Note: Try this tip only if it is a small blockage. Is it a large clog or have you tried it once and it doesn’t work? Then call a plumber.

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