12 Surprising Ways to Use Coke in Your Household

Someone who taps cola into a plastic cup
Forgot to Buy Antifreeze, but in a Hurry? Pour Some Coke over the Frozen Windows

Gum in Your Hair
For women and parents (who have daughters) chewing gum in the hair is one of the worst nightmares. If you don’t want to cut it off, you’ll have to think of a way to get the chewing gum out. There are a few ways or products for this already. A few examples are peanut butter, mayonnaise and WD-40.

Don’t have these products, or it’s not working? Then get the coke out of the refrigerator! Drip a bit of cola in the hair, leave it in for a while and then slowly try taking the chewing gum out. The ingredients in the coke will decompose the chewing gum, so hopefully, you won’t have to go to the hairdresser. This tip also works if you have chewing gum under your shoe.