12 Surprising Ways to Use Coke in Your Household

Wasp trap with coke and a plastic bottle, put in garden
What an Invention; It Really Works

Are wasps bothering you in the garden or on the balcony? Then you should make a wasp trap. Cut the plastic bottle in half at the neck and put the neck upside down in the other part of the bottle. Pour a layer of coke in it and put the trap in a place with a lot of wasps or other annoying insects. Please note: is there an infestation of wasps or other pests? Then you should contact a pest control service. They are the professionals, so they’ll know exactly what to do.

Poisonous Bites 
Did you get stung by a jellyfish while you were at the beach? Or did a mosquito stung you several times last night? Coke is the (temporary) solution. Pour a bottle or can over the wound and before you know it, it’ll hurt less. If your allergic to (animal) bites and stings, please don’t forget to let a doctor check out the spot.