12 Surprising Ways to Use Coke in Your Household

Can of regular coke and tissue on small blue tiles
Rub Some Coke on the Tiles and Voila, They Look As New

Grouts in the Bathroom
A bathroom is an ideal place for moulds: it’s often warm and moist, and of course, that is ideal. Where do all these moulds end up? In the grouts between the bathroom tiles. This is why cleaning the bathroom tiles and grouts are one of my least favourite household chores. Of course, you can scrub very hard, but before you know it the black spots of mould will be back in the grouts. Coke is the solution. What should you do? Rub Coca-Cola on the grouts, leave it for a few minutes and then clean the grouts with a clean tea towel.

Jammed Bolts
There’s nothing as annoying than bolts that are jammed. You just started to do some DIY work or you quickly wanted to fix something in your car, but that annoying bolt is jammed! No matter what you try and despite all your efforts with the wrench: it’s completely stuck. And no wonder, because it’s rusted. And that is where Coca-Cola comes in. Pour a can of Diet Coke over the bolt, leave it on for a while, and before you know it the bolt will be loose.