12 Surprising Ways to Use Coke in Your Household

Back Then Nobody Expected That the ‘Experiment’ Would Become Such a Succes

In 1886, the American Dr. John Styth Pemberton started experimenting with plant essences and herbal extracts in a little kitchen behind his apothecary in Atlanta. The reason he started to experiment was that he wanted to brew a medicine against dizziness and (extreme) depression. He brewed a syrup, mixed it with sparkling water, and sold it for 5 dollar cents per glass.

Pemberton’s best friend and bookkeeper thought of the name Coca-Cola and the famous font. In the end, the two men sold the name, the brand, and the secret recipe in 1888 for no more than 550 dollars. They didn’t know back then that this ‘experiment’ would spread all over the world and become the best-selling beverage ever. Did you know that Coke is more than just very tasty? You can also use the drink for household chores or for other unexpected things.