Clogged Gutters? This Is How You Safely Clean Them

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Clogged Gutters? This Is How You Safely Clean Them

Clogged gutters can a big problem, especially because they often cause basement water problems. Declogging the gutters by yourself is definitely an option, but be sure you know what you’re doing. We’ve set up a series of useful tips and tricks you should remember when declogging the gutters. Follow these steps, and you’ll be fine. Be sure not to postpone this process until it’s too late because water damage can cost you a lot.

Thick Gloves

Proper gear is of the utmost importance when cleaning out the gutters to keep your skin protected. Many bacteria can be found in the gutters, which can cause serious infections. Don’t ever clean out the gutters without proper gloves. Best are think gloves made of thick suede.

Shoes With Rubber Soles

Part of proper gear is also good shoes with rubber soles, in case you need to walk over the roof. This is mostly of importance because these will prevent you from slipping, falling, and severely hurting yourself. You’re on a roof, don’t think lightly of it. 

Wear Eye Protection

The part of the proper gear is good eye protection. You don’t want anything to splash in your eyes. That could cause serious eye infections, leading to possible other infections. Besides that, animals like rats are often found in the gutter. You don’t want anything to scratch your eyes, right? Make sure you get safety glasses before cleaning out the gutter.

Let Someone Know You Are Cleaning the Gutters

Always tell someone you’re cleaning out the gutters. You’re going to climb high on a roof, and it might be good for someone to know what you’re doing. It’s not the safest job to do, and it might be nice that someone knows where you are. 

Get a Sturdy and Safe Ladder

Single story buildings might not need a ladder if you have a good pressure washer, but higher buildings definitely need a safe ladder for you to climb. You’d be surprised how many accidents happen because of bad quality ladders, so be sure to get a quality ladder. 

Get a Good Cleaning Solution

Using a proper cleaning solution will really make the process a lot easier. It helps loosen up deposits, and you will notice you can wash away the dirt much easier thanks to the cleaning solution. Besides that, some cleaning solutions help with preventing future buildup. 

Use a Pressure Washer or a Leaf Blower

Getting a pressure washer will make your life much easier and faster. It’ll make getting rid of build-up very easy and It’ll help you with cleaning tiles. 

Leaf blowers are a perfect alternative for pressure washers if you don’t want to use a pressure washer for any reason. If you don’t want to stand on a ladder, there are also attachments for your leaf blowers that let you clean out the gutter while standing on the ground.

Get a Hard Bristled Broom and a Hand Brush

You want to clear the roof of loose debris and get rid of debris in the gutter. To do this, it’s best to use a hard-bristled broom and a hand brush. Just make sure you have the right tools, and it won’t be such a hard job.

Make Sure You Have Green Waste Bags

What are you going to do with all the dirt from the roof and gutter? Right: throw it in green waste bags. Make sure you have some green waste bags set up and easy to reach before you start cleaning.

Clean the Roof

As you don’t want to be cleaning out the gutters every month, it’s best to start with cleaning the roof. Make sure to remove all debris from the roof.

Use a Gutter Scoop

Ask anyone with experience about what you need, and they will definitely tell you to get a gutter scoop. These are very useful in the cleaning process, and lower the risk of being contaminated.

Unclog The Downspouts

You’re going to want to be sure the downspouts are clear. You can do that by running the hose down the downspouts at full pressure. Does the water come back up? Then, you’ve got a clog. Try tapping on the side of the downspout to get rid of the clog.

Doesn’t work? Then, you will need to remove the downspout and the back and flush it from the bottom. Beware, if a downspout is connected to an underground rain, it’s best to remove the bottom from the underground drain before flushing. Otherwise, you might move the clog underground, and then you have a much bigger issue. 

Be Mindful Of Power Line Hazards

Before cleaning gutters, check out if there are power lines close to where you’re working. Sometimes, the cables’ protective isolation becomes damaged. Do NOT repair this yourself; always call an electrician and don’t work on the gutters until the problem is fixed. 

Invest In Gutter Guards

Gutter guards can fix your problem in the long term. They will keep out most leaves and other things in your gutter.