7 Natural Ways to Remove Weeds in the Garden

7 Natural Ways to Remove Weeds in the Garden

Have you spent hours in the garden removing all those weeds, it will be back in no time. So annoying, you have to start all over again! Use one of these 7 ways to remove your weeds and you’re guaranteed to be rid of them.


Newspapers keep weeds from getting sunlight and oxygen which suffocates the weeds and prevents new weeds from growing. Place newspapers on the ground in layers of 10, wet them so they don’t blow away and cover the newspaper with wood chips. Place another layer of newspaper and wood chips on top of the previous layer if weeds start growing between the wood chips. Eventually, the newspaper and wood chips will cause unwanted plants to dissolve and feed the soil.

Boiling Hot Water

Turn on the kettle, wait for the water to boil, pour yourself a cup of tea and pour the rest of the water over the weeds in the garden. This is especially a handy trick for weeds between tiles or on the driveway. This is because the water spreads out and is cooled before it reaches your border plants.

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If you put this in the garden with wood chips on top you won’t have any more problems with weeds. Here you are actually creating the same thing as number 1.

Corn Gluten Flour

This by-product keeps seeds from growing into weeds. You can simply sprinkle the flour around your plants and seedlings. After harvesting, of any edible plants, sprinkle the by-product again in the garden to prevent weeds appearing later in the year.


Weeds between your tiles? Then vinegar is the perfect solution. Vinegar works perfectly to get rid of weeds. Only for (young) plants it is a killer, so make sure you cover your plants when spraying vinegar in the garden. Make sure you only aim the spray at the weeds, so you don’t accidentally damage other plants.


Mix 100 milliliters of vodka with 500 milliliters of water and add a few drops of detergent et voilĂ : the solution! Spray it on the weeds and they will dry out from the sunlight. Vodka only does not work well against weeds that like to grow in the shade. Note that vodka also dries out your plants and flowers, so be sure to protect them.

Dish Soap

The oil in dish soap causes waxy or hairy weeds to lose their protection making them susceptible to desiccants. Add a few drops of dish soap to your vinegar or vodka powder and spray the goodness on the leaves and the unwanted plants dry out. Detergent also causes leaves to glass, which makes it easy for you to find the unwanted plants and pull it out of the garden.