5 Tips To Give Your Home a Complete Makeover – On a Budget

Give Your Home a Complete Makeover – On a Budget

Sometimes, we probably all want to give our home a makeover, either big or small. Your home is the place you will usually spend the most time of your week, and it’s super important that you feel at your best in it. Unfortunately, most interior stuff isn’t exactly cheap, and giving your home a makeover can easily get expensive. However, if you know what to change, it doesn’t need to be expensive, and you can still give your home a whole new look. Here are some tips on how to give your home an easy make-over with a small budget! 

Play With Mirrors 

Mirrors aren’t only made to look at your pretty self in, they’re also a great way to give your room a more spacious feel. And probably needless to say: the bigger the mirror, the bigger the room looks. If your room allows it, I’d recommend picking a mirror that makes a statement of its own. So maybe a pretty vintage mirror or another style that suits you and the room. This way, it’s not only useful, but it also makes a statement. 

Play With Lighting

Do you believe me if I say lighting is the most important part of a room? It’s that finishing touch that brings the feeling in your interior, and it can either make or break your whole styling. And besides that, poorly lit rooms appear smaller. When you pick the lighting for a room, you should start off by deciding which parts of the room you want to be highlighting. 

The trick is lighting up corners and parts of the room that have always been badly lighted/dark. This immediately changes the feel of your entire room. And don’t forget about picking bulbs that fit the mood of the room.

Introduce Plants to the Room

If the room interior you want to change doesn’t have plants in it yet, you’re missing out! Plants are an amazing and cheap way to bring life into your room. It brings color, they’re a nice variety to normal decorations, and they produce oxygen. When getting plants, you should try to focus on the simpler kinds, like Snake Plants and Areca Palm Plant. They’re great indoor plants, easy to keep alive, and cheap.

Look for Pretty Pillows

Pillows are an amazing way to change up the feeling of your living- or bedroom. The more pillows you add, the more luxurious it looks. To make the room look even more luxurious and stylish, I recommend mixing pillows with different patterns and materials alongside simple and plain pillows. I also recommend coordinating the colors of your pillows with other bright colors in your room, for instance with the colors of your walls. This immediately gives your room a finished look. 

Rearrange Your Furniture

When I was younger, I was already constantly busy changing up the setup of the furniture in my bedroom. Why? Because it’s a FREE way to give a whole new feeling to a room. Who knew it could be that easy? Just start moving around the furniture a bit, and who knows what kind of cool setup you’ll find? Try to step away from the traditional setup, and mix it up.