5 Common Mistakes Everyone Makes in the Kitchen

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Common Mistakes Everyone Makes in the Kitchen

The kitchen is a holy place for every kitchen prince or princess. We try to make the room not only cosy, but also practical. Toasters. Coffee makers, blenders, ovens and microwaves are just a small part of the appliances needed in this sanctuary. Yet we use them, mostly unconsciously, incorrectly. Fortunately, the time has come to become aware of these mistakes and to unlearn them once and for all.

The Fridge

The door of the refrigerator is usually equipped with fairly fine storage options where we store sauces, butter and dairy products. At the same time, this is also the warmest part of the appliance, and because of the frequent opening of the door, it is not at all suitable for perishable foods, such as eggs or other dairy products.

Square Packaging

Modern microwaves are equipped with special small platforms in the form of a round plate. And this shape was chosen for a reason. Do you know the reason? No, I do not! A round plate and platforms were chosen because the moment you get round trays you can heat and prepare more easily and evenly. When you prepare something in a square tray, the corners get more heat and the middle is still cold.

Extension Cords

Extension cords: who doesn’t use them in the kitchen? Yet it is not recommended to use these cords in the kitchen. Plugging two appliances into one socket, even one with a low power consumption, increases the load on the local electricity network considerably. This can lead to voltage fluctuations, broken appliances or short circuits. The solution? Simple: try to connect appliances to different sockets or use them one by one.

The Oven

Let’s face it, the kitchen may be the heart of the house, but it is certainly not the biggest room. So it has to be used efficiently. Glasses are placed in the sideboard, the pantry is full of jars of spices and the baking utensils are kept in the oven. The latter is not recommended, because the constant load on the inside of the oven contributes to faster wear. Which means you’ll have to buy a new oven much sooner.

Reheating Food

Although packaging material does not deform during heating, it does affect the food, as it may contain harmful substances that are absorbed by the product due to the high temperatures.